About Us

The company was established to bridge the gap between the insurance companies, superannuation trustees and the client to avoid unnecessary delays in the determination of the claim and the client receiving their entitlements in a timely manner.

There can be significant delays in the assessment of insurance claims, especially Total and Permanent Disablement claims. This is mainly due to the ineffective collation and review of information and therefore LifeBack Consulting specialises in the early intervention to this process. We complete all the necessary review prior to the claim being lodged with the insurer or trustee to ensure all required information is provided with the initial lodgement and therefore reducing the potential assessment time.


The claims process can easily take up to 12 to 18 months for determination however collating and reviewing the information prior to the lodgement of their claim ensures that there are fewer further requirements and a determination can be made in a significantly shorter timeframe.

LifeBack ensures a transparent and collaborative approach to the claims process by keeping its clients informed in all aspects of the process and stages along the way. There are many different stages and processes involved in the management of the claim and LifeBack Consulting specialises in explaining this to the client so that they are aware what information is required and why this information is important and being requested.

If you are someone that has suffered a personal injury, whether at work or not, and have been advised that you are not able to return to your usual employment or any other employment that you are reasonably qualified for, please contact us for a free consultation.

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